Madonna's Support For The Women's March Couldn't Be More Madonna... But Piers Morgan Is Not A Fan

Madge, we've missed you.


Madonna has given us a wake-up call stronger than our latte this morning, with a picture of a woman's shaven vagina on Twitter, to show her support for the upcoming Women's March.

In typical Madge-gives-zero-f**ks style, the Queen of Pop tweeted the image of pubic hair shaved into the iconic Nike tick - which may or may not belong to Madonna, who knows - along with the caption: "Yasssssssss!

"Just Do it @Nakid_Magazine 1 Million Women's March!! Be There!!"


The Women's March is a protest against Donald Trump's inauguration as president outside the White House on the streets of Washington. It's believed a million women will be taking part, including Madonna.

The snap incited the wrath of TV presenter and close friend to Trump Piers Morgan, who's most recent criticism of Madonna concerned her raunchy Met Ball outfit last year.

The former newspaper editor wrote on Twitter: "I just threw up my breakfast. Literally."

Vomit and pubic hair?! Happy Friday, everyone!

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