Drop Buds Not Bombs: A Great New US Military Initiative (Sort Of)

The US Army wants to use biodegradable bullets with seeds in them for training ammunition


The US Army has just applied to America's Seed Fund, in the hope of filling their training ammunition with seeds.

The idea is that they will create biodegradable casings in their grenades, mortars, shoulder launched munitions, tank rounds, and artillery rounds which, once fired and left on the ground, would disintegrate to reveal seeds which have been bioengineered to start growing when they have been in the ground a few months.


The US army currently uses hundred of thousands of training rounds which take hundreds of years (or more) to biodegrade and can have the potential to corrode and pollute the water nearby, but they want to change that.

And it's not just any old seeds, they want them to be 'specialised seeds to grow environmentally beneficial plants' meaning they won't be simply attempting to void their impact on the environment, but improve it too.

It's a move, we imagine, that could go down well here in the UK.

If we had our way, we'd send some women in to do some negotiating and avoid war and weaponry altogether, but as we're quite far off from that scenario, flower bullets seems sort of a step in the right direction?!

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