Disneyland Apologises For Banning 3-Year-Old Boy From Their 'Princess For A Day' Experience

Hayley McLean-Glass wrote an open letter to Disneyland Paris after they refused to let her son take part in the make-up and hair session because he is male


Everybody, meet Noah.


Three-year-old Noah is a 'superfan' of the Disney film Frozen. He loves to dress up as Elsa and listens to 'Let It Go' all day long. So imagine his excitement when he found out Disneyland Paris offered the chance to actually become Elsa for a day?

As Mum, Hayley McLean-Glass, explains, 'little Noah was buzzing' with joy.

The theme park was offering a 'Princess for a Day' event—during which the Disneyland Hotel hosts makeovers for young girls to give them a 'fairy tale transformation'.

But the pair were left dumbstruck when Hayley tried to book the treat by email, only to receive a response, which read: 'At this time it is not possible to book princess for a day for a boy.'

'I just think that it's unfair, I mean if there was an activity such as a pirate dress up or a Spiderman event, little girls would be allowed to do it,' she told ITV News.

'If anyone told a little girl that she couldn't do that there would be absolute uproar, but I just don't understand why it's different for a boy.'

After having been denied permission on Tuesday, McLean-Glass then wrote an open letter to the firm, demanding to know what 'terrible awful fate may befall' her son if he was allowed to wear a dress.

In an open letter posted on her blog 'Sparkles and Stretchmarks', she wrote: 'This isn't even a gay/straight debate...this is a child. Who wants to be just like his favourite character.

She added that her son was being prevented from having the 'same experiences as the little girls who visit [Disneyland Paris] simply because 'he's a boy''.

McLean-Glass wrote: 'If a little girl wants to be a superhero, she can be. If she wants to be a Jedi, she can be. She can be whatever she wants.'

A Disneyland Paris spokesman told ITV News: 'We are taking this situation very seriously and sincerely apologise to Hayley and Noah for the distress caused.

'Diversity is near and dear to our hearts and we want to make sure that all our guests enjoy their experience at our resort.

'Of course, both boys and girls are welcome to enjoy the princess for a day experience in addition to all our other special activities.'

Sort out the double standards Disneyland.

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