#TooHotToSleep Is The Hashtag That Keeps On Giving

British Tweeters at their hilarious best​


Here in Old Blighty, stifling heat is such a rarity, that when it hits us, we're usually usually rendered completely and utterly useless.

Suddenly, we lament our lack of air con, baulk at the idea of stepping foot on public transport and fail to concentrate at our desks.

Most problematic of all (besides sharing a train carriage with the great unwashed) is the impossibility of sleep.


Oh sure, you bought a stand up fan sometime back in 2012, when the last heat wave struck, but it's probably now at the back of the attic under a pile of old carpet cuttings.

So, in this hot flash of July, as most of the world stares blankly at the ceiling, willing sleep to come despite pools of sweat forming on the sheets, the hilarious among us are taking to Twitter, proving that in any crisis big or small, the Brits still have their sense of humour.


Here are the best of the bunch:

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