Get Your Bags Packed Because This Is The Best Place In The World To Party

Forget forking out a fortune on a flight to New York or on a Full Moon party ticket in Koh Phangan, Thailand because the best place to party in the world is right on your doorstep.

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When choosing a holiday destination, it's first important to consider what exactly you want from your séjourne.

Is it a two-week break in Sri Lanka, hiking Adam's Peak and lounging on the beach on the south coast?

Or, is it a mini-break to Budapest, sipping on Hungarian beer in the ruin bars and bathing in the thermal baths?

Perhaps, you want a long weekend to Berlin, trying your chances at getting into the Berghain or enjoying a luxurious dinner at the restaurant on top of the Reichstag?


However, if you're in need of a party, want to socialise with the locals and 'get jiggy with it', you might want to head to Gothenburg, Sweden because it's just been named the best city in the world for partying.

According to a study, commissioned by accommodation website HostelWorld, the country's west coast city trumped the likes of Madrid, Boston and Rome to the top spot, and was closely followed by another Swedish city, Stockholm.

Basically, Sweden is where it's at this year.


The study looked into the social behaviour and attitudes of more than 12,000 citizens from 39 cities and graded them on 10 categories including how often they socialise, their openness and 'propensity to party', according to the Guardian.

While Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen were rated the most 'socially minded', with the most liberal attitudes towards different lifestyles, Madrid and Moscow were found to be home to party-goers who were most likely to agree they 'will use any excuse to have a party', reports the publication.

Now, they sounds like our kind of people.


As for 'openness to others', Milan, Rome and Hamburg scored the highest, while New Yorkers were found to eat out at restaurants the most – 89 times a year, on average, actually.

Sadly, no UK cities made it into the top 10 list (not even Liverpool, which we all know is a cracking night out) but Dublin did nab the tenth position.

Meanwhile, Paris and Berlin didn't even make the list. #Awkward.


So, there you have it.

You grab the limes, we'll bring the tequila and we'll see you for predrinks in Gothenburg around 9pm this evening.


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