Madonna Flying Economy Class Is A Gift To All Travellers Today

Private jets are off the radar for this Material Girl


We might be living in a material world, but the original Material Girl herself, Madonna, has proven that you don't have to fork out a fortune to jet around it.

Spotted on a TAP Air Portugal flight to Lisbon where seats start at just £42, the reigning Queen of Pop forwent first class service for a cosy (read: cramped) window seat in economy. Her only luxuries? Extra legroom and a snug bomber jacket.


Obviously, fans on the flight and online freaked out at the 59-year-old's chill approach to travelling. However, according to Bravo TV presenter Andy Cohen, this isn't Madge's first trip on a budget airline. In fact, it's far from it.

Madonna doing 'airport casual' with her family circa 2011

You'd think, as a superstar with a net worth is $580 million, Madonna would opt for more than a bit of extra leg room - like, you know, a private jet - but it turns out she sees that as a waste of money. As Andy details in his first book The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year, once, when travelling first class, his flight attendant let it slip that Madonna was also on the flight. Naturally, Cohen went to find his fellow celebrity pal and found her in, you guessed it, an economy window seat.

Later, when he mentioned his surprise at her travel choices, she simply answered, 'I do it all the time. I'm everyday people,' and went on to explain how regularly flying privately is too expensive and how the money could be better spent on feeding hungry people. Amen.

Eschewing typical celebrity behaviour in favour of a down to earth (not literally) flight routine, Madonna's perspective reassures us that our budget flights to Bali weren't so bad after all.

Who needs unlimited champagne and complimentary skincare sets anyway?

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