DIY wedding hair accessories

Create a summery bridal 'do


Flowers make for the perfect summer wedding hair accessory, wouldn't you agree?

Luckily for you, we've teamed up with the folks at Interflora to create a DIY tutorial that lets you recreate your very own floral wedding accessory in six simple steps.



You will need:
1 stem of small Cymbidium orchids / 1 stem of white Lisianthus / 1 stem of Snowball Viburnum / A handful of ivy leaves / 10 strands of China grass / Rosemary / A plastic hair comb / Flower glue / Florist wires / Florist tape / Scissors

Step 1

To begin with you will need to create the base of the hair slide.

To do this, bend two florist wires in half and lay them end to end on a flat surface. Secure the ends together with tape.

Step 2

Lay a wire horizontally on top of the centre before covering the whole frame with tape.

Once this is complete, insert two wires vertically through the frame.

Step 3

Next, wire together three strands of the China grass and plait the loose end. Once plaited, create a loop and secure the ends together with wire.

Repeat this process to make another loop and cut off two pieces of China grass which will make the trails of the ‘bow’.

Step 4

Cover the base you created earlier with flower glue or adhesive and arrange the foliage on to.

Don’t forget to add the plaited loops and trails you created earlier to give the impression of a bow.

Adding a touch of rosemary will also give your hair comb a beautiful fragrance.

Step 5

Now, it’s time to add the flowers. Cut the stems of the orchids and lisianthus short and glue them onto the base. You may want to lay all the flowers out in position first to check that you are happy with the arrangement before gluing them into place.

Allow the design to dry before progressing to step 6.

Step 6

Once the glue is dry, you need to secure the base of the slide onto the hair comb. To do this gently turn the arrangement upside down and thread the wires around the comb.

Et voilà! Your very own – and extremely pretty – floral hair accessory.

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