If Chanel did wedding make-up

Oh wait, it does!


Wedding make-up. If you’d said those two-and-a-half words to me a mere 12 weeks ago, I would have rolled my eyes and sighed. When it comes to getting ready, I’m very much a wash-and-go type. Groomed, I am not.

So when Chanel invited me to try out its new bespoke bridal make-up service, I was intrigued.


Chanel make-up heaven

For £90, brides can chose up to three hour-long bridal services, from a make-up consultation or tutorial, skincare, and even a fragrance session.

The sessions are tailored to the individual, and led by Chanel’s experts, so you really are getting a boutique experience. My make-up artist, Jenny, sat me down to discuss everything about my wedding, from the dress to the venue, so that we could work together and create the perfect look. Then, everything was noted down in a beautifully bound make-up diary, that brides-to-be can use for reference.


Here’s what I learnt:

Your make-up should suit your wedding

Think about the type of wedding you’re having: big, small, summer, winter, traditional, eclectic… For my small October wedding in Edinburgh I’m thinking a soft brown smoky eye and a pop of red on the lips to reflect the richness of the season and the venue.

Jenny applying a nude liner

Be yourself

Bridal make-up, according to Chanel, is about looking like the best version of you. This is not the time to experiment – this is the time to do what you love.

Prep your skin

Water. Moisturise. Sleep. Repeat. Make that your pre-wedding mantra. Chanel places a big emphasis on skincare in the run up to your big day. Jenny recommends introducing serum into your routine before bedtime, to plump and deeply nourish your skin.

Book your consultation two to three months beforehand

Your skin changes with the seasons, from tone to texture. Jenny recommends booking a consultation two to three months before your wedding to create a look that works best on the day. Her top tip: don’t even think about colour-matching your foundation until a month beforehand.

The end result

Finally, relax…

At the end of the day, it’s only make-up. If it doesn’t work, you can take it off and start again.

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