Bridal Lingerie to Make You Feel Beautiful At Every Layer Of Your Wedding Day Outfit

What lies beneath...


Bridal lingerie used to be the stuff of nightmares - corsets you couldn't breathe in, pretty panties waived in place of stomach controlling knickers and of course the obligatory (and tacky) frilly garter.

Thankfully, bridal fashion has moved on since then and while some women might opt for flesh coloured spanx as their wedding underwear, there are so many other pretty, delicate, structurally interesting items of bridal lingerie to choose from.


So, whether you're looking for something strapless, backless, boned, non-underwired or otherwise, there's no reason to assume you can't curate a wedding underwear look that's just as pretty as the wedding dress.

For those who are clueless about where to start, here is a handy starter pack, outlining brands you should definitely check out:

For Love And Lemons

I have a personal obsession with this brand, which is actually unfortunate as a bigger busted woman, because their designs tend not to cater for the fuller breast.

But everything they do is just so damn beautiful...

And I'm not just talking about the bridal lingerie either - they pump out endlessly stunning creation after stunning creation.

That being said, they do a really great line in white and cream lace delicacies, which would be perfect underneath any sort of bohemian floaty wedding dress.


Plus also, Beyoncé is a fan, so that's got to up their credibility by at least a thousand points, right?


It can be slightly tricky to get hold of For Love And Lemons items in the UK. If you want to check out their main site, which does ship internationally, for a price, then click here.

Otherwise, you'll need to check out which FLAL items are sold by licenced international stockists, such as ASOS and Free People.

Agent Provocateur

If you want to go down the sexy-but-still-classy wedding underwear route, you definitely have to look at Agent Provocateur.

Again, not exactly designed for anyone bigger than a B-cup, or for anyone on a super tight budget, but still, this about as alluring as it gets for something that's supposed to be virginal (although, it's 2017, why would we want to look virginal?!).

Show no mercy in our Mercy corset. #AgentProvocateur #Corset

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You can shop the Agent Provocateur bridal collection here.

La Perla

An easy go-to for bridal lingerie, with options for boned and structured pieces of underwear, right through to the floaty, non-underwired kind.

Even options for pregnant brides?!


You can shop La Perla's bridal collection here.

ASOS Bridal

If you're a little more strapped for cash than the average La Perla and Agent Provocateur shopper, you might be well advised to start at ASOS. With ASOS launching such a wide range of different franchises under the brand's general umbrella, they've got an amazing selection of different price points to choose from.

I love the appliqué detail of the Joelle collection, but I'm aware that it's an acquired taste and would possibly take a particular sort of dress to hide it under.

You can browse the full bridal range stocked at ASOS here.

Pour Moi

Pour Moi has actually been a revelation for me. It's the lingerie offering that I feel like I've been waiting my whole adult life for.

That might be an oversell, but it is a genuinely brilliant brand for women in the bigger bust category because it does not, as many brands do, sacrifice delicacy, intricacy and fabrics when moving up in cup-size.

Our beautiful Addicted half cup bra in white 💕🙌

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NEW IN! Obsession in Cappuccino 💖 Available up to a G cup

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It's also totally affordable. Seriously. There are bras on their site for £22. Check out Pour Moi here.


Delicate lacy items, sort of in the vein of For Love And Lemons or some of the La Perla items, but at a much more accessible price point.

Oysho do lots of things, but I would advise that their speciality and real appeal lies in their bodies or onesies, often which have frontless or backless options, which is great if you have a particularly unusually shaped wedding dress.


If you ask me, they don't have enough of these bodies in white or pale colours yet, but hopefully they are coming.

Check out Oysho's offering here.

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