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British model and DJ Amber Le Bon, 26, has grown up in the spotlight. As the eldest daughter of model Yasmin and Durann Duran frontman Simon Le Bon, she also knows a thing or two about style. Which makes her the perfect person to introduce us to the vibrant new Santorini Flower collection from Folli Follie.

Rose-gold plated Santorini necklace £120, Ceramic Santorini Flower watch £700, Cut-out Santorini Flower Glimpse tote £220.

You're a successful model and DJ in your own right, with a very famous family…

I have very close relationships with my family. They are like my friends and we have huge amounts of fun together. When I'm in London, I spend a lot of time at my family home as it's nearby my flat and I love being with my dogs and sisters. Otherwise, I will be with my best friend who keeps me very grounded; we've been best friends since we were 11 and so know each other better than anyone.

Given your background, do you think your choice of career was inevitable?

Fashion and music are both really important to me. I've been surrounded by both since I was little, and while fashion is my business, DJing lets me integrate my two passions. My choice of music is a real mix up of genres and eras. I like being able to sing along to stuff I play, because then I have more fun. And if I'm having fun, hopefully it means other people are having fun too.

How does Folli Follie's Santorini Flower collection fit into that lifestyle?

I think the collection really reflects my personality, as I'm quite a bubbly fun person. I love being in the sun and feeling happy and positive which is really what the Santorini Flower collection is about.

You sound remarkably down-to-earth for someone with such a glamorous life

My lifestyle is really very normal! People sometimes don't see the other side of modelling; there are a lot of early starts and it can be mentally draining as you're constantly giving a part of yourself and creating emotions for the camera. There are lots of great parts to it to though. I know how lucky and fortunate I am.

What were your favourite pieces from the ELLE shoot?

I loved the watch with the purple strap. It's fun and easy to wear. The red Santorini Flower bag is also great as it goes so well with everyday jeans and shirts and is a good size for the daytime. I also really love the long rose-gold Santorini Flower pendant.

Why is that?

Depending on what I am wearing and the time of day or event, I like to layer my necklaces and mix and match it with various pieces and chain lengths, I have collected over the years. The pendant is a good length to wear on its own; it adds that bit of sparkle and luxe to a long boho-style dress.

Especially needed at this time of year!

Yes, when it's cold and grey outside the Santorini Flower collection really does lift my spirits as it makes me think of the summer and the sun.

Like what you see?

Shop the shoot and discover the Folli Follie Santorini Flower collection here.


Leather Santorini Flower clutch, £180

Ceramic Santorini Flower watch, £700


Rose-gold plated Santorini Flower necklace, £120

Rose-gold plated Santorini Flower watch, £400

Logomania ring, £50

Cut-out Santorini Flower Glimpse bag, £220


Rose-gold plated Classy earrings, £50

Rose-gold plated Classy Element ring, £60

Leather Santorini Flower clutch, £180

Rose-gold plated Classy Element ring, £60

Classy necklace, £60


Classy necklace, £80

Cut-Out Santorini Flower shopper,

Rose-gold plated Santorini Flower necklace, £180

Classy bracelet, £65

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