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A detox and a sunset to round off #ELLEIBIZA2012



There’s no denying the fact that on the island of Ibiza, image counts. From the white beaches to the darkened clubs, party people sleep little and wear even less so the body beautiful reins supreme. 

Luckily, the island is just as bountifully kitted-out with ways to keep in shape as it is with ways to abuse the body. The Number One Bootcamp has its origins as an army fitness camp in Norfolk so it is anything but a walk in the park. This camp has a strong reputation for getting clients’ bodies in peak condition, so after a four-day stint of restaurant reviewing and cocktail sampling for #ELLEIBIZA2012, it was time to sample the clean side of Ibiza. 

The camp is based in a beautiful villa in the orange grove-filled hills in the North of the island, and ELLE was given the luxury of sleeping in a beautiful bell tent courtesy of Bell Tent Ibiza for the night that we were to try our hand at getting in shape. 

Rude awakenings at Number 1 Bootcamp begin at 6.30 in order to cram in the maximum amount of running on the beach before the heat of the day takes over. The day ELLE visited began with a trip to a nearby beach where 270 steps lay in wait to be climbed three times in succession, followed by a series of push-ups and press-ups before – finally - a welcome breakfast of half a banana and some hazelnuts.

Food at the Number 1 Bootcamp is one of its fortes: Leah cooks simple but flavourful fare designed with weight loss in mind: no added salt, sugar or fats will pass your lips while you are here but clever cooking with lots of herbs and spices keeps the flavours from being bland. 

After a morning’s exercise participants are given the afternoon off to relax by the villa’s pool or enjoy a treatment at the nearby Atzaro Hotel. In the evening we went on a sunset hike to a remote and beautiful part of the island, challenging the muscles but treating the senses. A low fat chicken wrap just about kept the participants upstanding through the four and a half hour uphill scramble. 

As ELLE was there on the last day, we got to see the sense of achievement felt by everyone who had spent a week there, as the final weigh-in produced brilliant results for everyone. The camp’s guests celebrated by spending their last afternoon on a boat to Formentera which had been kindly organized by their personal trainer. 

As for yours truly, we were glad to escape the rationed food portions and strenuous exercise but felt lighter and lovelier by the end, and would most definitely return to do the full week the next time we need an ass-kicking for that best-ever bikini body. 


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