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Who is Miss W?

She’s the girl who has access to the most exclusive parties in Ibiza, whose cryptic name is on every doorman’s list, whose address book is alike a roll-call of movers and shakers on the island and beyond.

We did some sleuthing and found out the real person behind the elusive party girl persona. But – shh! – we can’t tell you who it is. So instead we grilled her for some background information, as well as some insight into island life...

As editor of White Ibiza – probably the best Ibiza guide there is (next to ELLE’s, of course), she definitely had a thing or two to share…

How did you come to live in Ibiza? 

I heard of this magical island where you could dance all night to the world's best DJs and sleep all day on the world's most beautiful beaches in 2005, so came here for a holiday where I did just that. Of course, two weeks wasn't enough for me, so I went back home (to Australia!) and quit my job in magazines, sold my car, packed up my possessions including my cat and came back over to spend a summer here in 2006. Of course, a summer wasn't enough... so I've been here ever since! Only thing is, now it's not dancing all night and beaches all day - that's what people on holiday get to do! Those of us who work, work really hard in summer and take it a little easier in the winter. I'm definitely not disappointed in the outcome though, I love living and working here and now can't imagine being anywhere else.

Tell us about what you do. 

I am the editor ofwww.white-ibiza.com, which is an online guide to the very best of the island's restaurants, hotels, parties, clubs, beaches, bars, shops and so much more! I do a bit of everything... one minute I can be styling a glam fashion shoot and the next I'll be interviewing a chef, a DJ or a wedding planner! I write most of the content you read on White Ibiza, deal with clients, photographers, organise newsletters, manage our online event calendars..... it's very varied. It's great because through my job I get to check out absolutely everywhere on the island, east in the best places, get to meet all the 'right' people, which helps when you need a favour to get on a guest list for a cool villa party for example! If only they invented computers with screens you could see on the beach, my life would be complete!

Why is Ibiza the best place to live? 

 Honestly, I don't know where to start! I guess the freedom, to do what you want, when you want, wherever you want with whomever you choose. Even though I have a pretty intense full-time job, I work from home and in my own time, which means you get to enjoy the island more because you're not stuck in an office. I've always loved the Ibiza music and party scene... although the longer you live here, the less you seem to go out - nights in become paradise in summer! I love the amazingly varied landscapes - from red, rocky cliffs and crystal clear waters to miles of farmland and my favourite place of all, the ancient walled city of Dalt Vila... the only inhabited UNESCO World Heritage Listed site in the world, and I'm lucky enough to live in it! And finally, I love the people here. Ibiza attracts cool, creative, fun and interesting people from all over the world. You can never ever get bored here. Not even in winter. In fact, that's when it REALLY starts to get interesting...

How is it different being a local to a tourist?

There's no fear of missing out... because you can go to everything if you want to! The perks of being a local mean you get into all the parties for free, find out about the secret parties no one else knows about, often get spoiled with free food and drinks... we also get to enjoy the island in winter, when it is peaceful, quiet and just amazing. Only a local knows the feeling! On the other hand... being a local means working a lot in summer, so sometimes going to all the parties isn't an option, nor is hanging out on the beach every day!

Have you got an Ibiza secret you can share?

No. Because then it wouldn't be a secret! But you might be able to pry it out of me tonight at the top secret full moon rave in a cave...

To read about Miss W's adventures on the White Isle, visit www.white-ibiza.com

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