Holiday Hair

Give this woven braid a try


By Amy Lawrenson

Tomorrow I'm off to Portugal on holiday, so today I thought I would experiment with a beach-appropriate hairstyle. I came up with this braid, adorned with


This woven braid was super simple to do but looks pretty intricate. What's more, you can change the position of the plait or the colour of the ribbon to get a different effect each time.

Here's how to get the look:

Start with your hair in a deep side part and French braid your hair from there across your forehead to the other side. Once you reach your temple on the other side stop French braiding and just do a traditional three-strand plait until you reach the end and secure with a clear elastic.

Take a piece of ribbon and secure it to the start of the plait with a kirby grip, then weave it in and out of the plait until your reach the end. Secure with another hair elastic.

To finish take the rest of your hair from the back of your head round to where the end of your plait is. Split in two and using the plait as your third strand do a simple three-strand plait and secure with elastic. Take more ribbon and weave through this new section of plait tying it off at the end.

It sounds tricky, but it really isn't. Plus, if you do decide to experiment with this look on holiday you'll have bags of time, well what else is there to do except sunbathe and swim?

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