All The Hairstyles From Beyonce's Formation Video

We rank Queen Bey's do's. All 9 of them

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock on a desert island without access to WIFI, we’d hazard a guess you’ve at least heard about (if not watched and re-watched 647 times) Beyonce’s new Formation music video, which she dropped the night before her performance at the 2016 Super Bowl.

Aside from the badass lyrics, choreography and designer outfits (oh the outfits!), we’re also obsessed with her eclectic – and obviously amazing - wardrobe of hairstyles. The woman can do NO wrong.

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From box-braids so long she could almost trip over them to a super-cool fishnet topknot, see our ranking of Bey’s Formation do’s…

1: The lengthy micro braids:

Ideal for hanging one’s head out of a car window and swishing around.

2: The dirty blonde Afro:

Complete with a fierce crown and a fluro lilac lipstick.

3: The fishnet triple topknot:

Made up of three smaller buns bundled into a black oversized hair net with a sun-shielding umbrella thrown in for good measure.

4: The knee-length double box-braids:

Taking Kim K’s latest favourite hairstyle and cranking it up a notch, or five.

5: The blown out crimp:

Taking windswept to a whole new #Slay level.

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6: The ‘I woke up like this’ up do’:

Living by the term she coined, Bey pairs pinned natural curls and no-make-up make-up for the most simplistic look of the bunch.

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7: The crown braid fit for a Queen:

Excuse the blurriness (Bey doesn’t like to stay still for long) and look to the cool wrap-around braid number going on. 

8: The low-slung bouffant ponytail:

Yes we love it (as we said she can do no wrong in our eyes) but the pulled back pony lets the hat steal the show. Just this one time though...

9: And, of course, special mention has to go to little Blue Ivy, who makes a cameo in the video looking ridiculously cute and just as cool as her Mum with her all natural Afro. 

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