The Melted Halloween Makeup Trend We're Desperate To Try

Melted ice cream? Melted Barbie doll? We think we just found your go-to Halloween makeup inspiration


We spend a good portion of our Saturday nights out in a club heading to the toilets to dab our faces with a tissue or reapply makeup.

There's something about an enclosed space and bright lights that triggers our foundation, eyeliner and mascara to run quicker than a group of women spotting Donald Trump.

But, it looks like this Halloween, the melted-face look we've come to detest on a night out is actually the go-to trend this season.


And, from the sounds of it it's ridiculously easy to recreate. Whether you want to look like a melted doll, an ice cream, the Wicked Witch or a devil in Hell, all you need is a bit of foundation and some scar gel and you'll look like you've been trapped in the oven for a good 30 minutes.

Melted Barbie


Melted Skeleton

Melted ice cream

Pass us the scar gel, we're going in.

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