Famous Lebanese Bride's Custom Wedding Dress Is Breathtaking

It's so beautiful, it has it's own hashtag on Instagram.


When Dana Wolley Zayat first started looking for her dream wedding dress, she realized nothing off of the rack fit her personality. "I started by checking out simple designer gowns at Eposa Group," she revealed on Instagram


"They are all stunning, but I felt I needed something made just for me and far from simple! It's go big or go home for me!"

Can't believe how fast time flies.. 29-7-2016 best day of my life 👰🏻 #DoonieAndSamer #DoonieXEsposa

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Her solution? Make her own masterpiece with the help of a team of professionals at Espoa Group. After a year of work — two months of which were focused on beading through the days and nights — the dress was completed. And we think the results were more than worth the wait: Zayat walked down the aisle in a champagne gown with a sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves.

Here's a video of behind-the-scenes work on the dress.

And here's a video of the full look Zayat wore on her wedding day — including a matching veil and Mouawad jewels.

We have to hand it to Zayat for knowing her vision and sticking to it. This one-of-a-kind dress certainly embodies her "go big or go home" spirit.

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