These Stormy Wedding Pictures Are Breathtaking

Kudos to Mother Nature.


When a storm is forecasted on your wedding day, you're probably not going to be best pleased.

This was the case for Collette and Tristan Cooper, who got married in Northumberland on Monday, just as Storm Ophelia hit the UK and Ireland.

However, thanks to the orange sky which set in across parts of the country - because of the red sun caused by the storm bringing in dust from the Sahara dessert - the couple ended up with the most unique and stunning photos from their big day.


The photographer, Sean Elliot, was charged with capturing the day when people started to comment on the reddish tint of the sky.

'The mist was low and it seemed like there was an amazing sunset right above us,' he told Cosmopolitan UK, despite it only being 2pm.

'I knew when I was out there that I was getting images like no other,' he says. 'I had to hold back as I could have spent an hour out there with the bride and groom. Were were probably only 10 minutes but that all we needed to get something quite special.'

Sean says that the bride, who is now on her honeymoon, was initially disappointed when there was no sun but then, after seeing the sky, was amazed.

'I think my excitement was infectious because the couple were really up for getting the shots before the light faded. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity,' Sean says.

He's also hardly had to edit the images, given how beautiful the natural surroundings were. Wins all round!

Collette told the Newcastle Chronicle she felt like she was 'walking onto a film set' and that the weather conditions made her day even more special.

No, YOU'RE crying.

From: Cosmopolitan UK
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