Cara Delevingne Interviews Margot Robbie And Texts Prince Harry

​The Suicide Squad actresses talk Princes, eggs and ​death by coconuts


Take two leading actresses, a contact list of celebrities and a bizarre list of questions and what do you get?

An intriguing insight into the world of Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie…and their unlikely friendship with Prince Harry.

For Love Magazine's 'Fame, Goths and Toffs' issue, the Burberry model sat down with the Australian actress to interview her about their upcoming film, Suicide Squad.



To kick off the celebrity-on-celebrity questioning, the duo switched phones to text a random person from each other's contact lists.

The victim?

The pair's mutual friend Prince Harry, of course.

Delevingne suggests:

'Ok, what if we both text him saying we had a dream about him last night. Then he'll be like, what the f*ck? If we both randomly do it?'

After the pair sent messages to the fifth in line to the throne, they're shocked when Hazza responds: 

'You two are obviously together. But I'm extremely glad I was in your dreams.'


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Later in the interview, the model asks Robbie if she was an egg, how she'd like to be cooked and why. 

The Wolf of Wall Street actress replies:

'I think I'd be poached. Because I like being in water, swirling around in it.'


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Discussing Suicide Squad – which sees a team of incarcerated super villains unite for a top-secret mission – Margot admits her favourite moments from filming were with her cast mates.

She says: 

'When we took a trip to Montreal – that whole weekend was great. Literally, I could list a hundred. Or the fact that all of you guys waited for me to wrap and then carried me out for the last shot.'

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The duo soon got onto the topic of what they'd like to have on their tombstones, with Robbie admitting she knows how and where she'd like to die.

'I'm going to be 74. I'm going to die from a coconut falling on my head because apparently more people die from coconuts falling on their heads than shark attacks, so I don't think it's that plausible. And I want to die at 74.

'If you're going to die by coconut then it means you're chilling on a beach somewhere. What a happy way to go. And that means nobody would be sad.'

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